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Reviewer report 1:

This is a refreshing and highly informative research thesis, which will be valuable in the communication studies and political economy of communication in a Papua New Guinea and, indeed Pacific-wide, context for some years to come. ... The researcher has been able to document and record one of the few examples of isolated communities adopting modern communication technologies for the first time. ... This thesis is bound to be a valuable touchstone for other telecommunications research in the region. ... In conclusion, this is an excellent and valuable research thesis and an important contribution to the knowledge in the development communication and political economy arenas in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.


Professor David Robie

Auckland University of Technology

Pacific Media Centre Director

Author of numerous books on Pacific media.


Reviewer report 2:

This is a fine doctoral thesis that provides a pioneering and fascinating study of the mobile phone in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is thoughtfully conceived, painstakingly researched, methodologically constructed, clearly and carefully-written, logically organized, very well-presented, and error-free, and makes a significant, original contribution to research and knowledge.


Professor Gerard Goggin

University of Sydney

Author of numerous books on mobile phones


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